Why involve your employees in risk analysis?

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November 16, 2020
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Mélissa Dardaine
Mélissa Dardaine

Why involve your employees in risk analysis?



The law is clear on risk analysis. The employer must “have the methods and techniques to identify hazards” (OHSA section 51.5). On the employee’s side, the roles and responsibilities are different. He must “PARTICIPATE in the identification of hazards” (OHSA section 49.5).

It is not by chance that things are like this. OHS is not the chicken or the egg. We know where it starts and where it ends up. It starts with employer responsibilities, which may in some cases impact employee responsibilities.

Why should employees be involved in risk analysis? Simply because the person who spends 40 hours a week at his or her workstation is the EXPERT of his or her position and knows in detail about facets unknown to others.

Involving employees in the search for solutions also makes it possible to get ideas from your teams and reduce resistance to change when it comes time to implement preventive measures.




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