What is air emission?

Environmental compliance is a field that is subject to various standards, regulations and laws. Effective management of atmospheric emissions (halocarbons, greenhouse gases [GHG]) can control, reduce and eliminate any environmental impact.

Our tools help control your air emissions while ensuring your processes. With our strict and rigorous monitoring of the process, CONFORMiT helps you to control the risks of air contamination.

Operate your management with access to information available wherever, whenever. Your employes will be made aware of the realities of our environment and be properly trained on equipment maintenance and testing.

The global management of atmospheric emissions allows you to respect the environment and to keep peace of mind while complying with laws and requirements. Give yourself flexibility for effective operational management and mitigate incidents. In case of unforeseen events, our corrective action plans will be easy and quick to implement, ensuring you exemplary responsiveness.

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With our air emissions management tools and control of hazardous energies, your company makes the responsible choice of preserving the safety of the environment.
With air emissions management, CONFORMiT allows you to monitor environmental operations in real time. Take responsibility for the safety of the planet and make sure you implement any preventative measures necessary to prevent incidents.


Optimize your leak testing process and reduce the risk of air pollution.

Stay updated on leak testing

Optimize your leak testing process and reduce the risk of air pollution.

Analyze Environmental Impacts

Effectively learn about the various air quality impacts and preventative measures available in order to optimize your procedures.

Manage Your Equipment Fleet

Facilitate the management of equipment subject to greenhouse gas (GHG) and halocarbon laws and regulations.

Document Preventive Measures

Make sure your atmospheric emissions procedures are honest, complete, respected, up-to-date and validated by competent people